getting married in yue-xiu,  guang-zhou    2008

we got married in a government office building in the yue-xiu area of guang-zhou,  that specializes in marriages of chineze citizens to foreigners - april 17, 2008

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getting married in front of a china government official    04/17/08 exchangeing vows signing the paper-work to make the marriage final 
me -n- the xiong-mao both holding our marriage certificates sitting down with mama for a picture after getting married  kfc is all over the guang-zhou, china area
 burning the incense at the buddhist temple in yue-xiu, guang-zhou  in-side a little court-yard in yue-xiu,  guang-zhou  standing with the xiong-mao mommy in a mini-park court-yard.    04/17/08
hangin' out at an open restaraunt in the yue-xiu area,  it wuz a HOT  85f day here.    04/17/08   haveing lunch at an open restaraunt in yue-xiu, under the shade of some trees.  xiong-mao with mommy in yue-xiu area
haveing a post wedding dinner at a restaraunt in li-wan area with mommy -n- ge-ge kwan yin statue at the buddhist temple in yue-xiu,  guang-zhou a mini-garden court-yard in yue-xiu area
old dilapidated building retro-fitted with air-conditioning.  it gets very HOT -n- HUMID in southern china.  yue-xiu    04/17/08 older building in yue-xiu area useing the traditional solar clothes drying technology  xiong-mao burning incense at a buddhist temple


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