flite from pdx to nrt,  1st day in china    2008

2nd trip to guang-zhou, china:   april 13 to may 11,  2008.  flying from  pdx to nrt,  (portland, or to narita, japan) then eventually going to pan-yu,  guang-zhou,  guang-dong,  china to see the xiong-mao  (cat-cat)

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right after lift-off,  the city of vancouver, wa is right b-low.  the BIG free-way going north-south is inter-state #5.    04/13/08 flying over vancouver lake,  about 2 minutes after lift-off.  I frequently go swimming in this lake during summer. a view of mt. st. helens, about 5 minutes after lift-off. 
 mt. st. helens, 8366 ft. high on a good day.  before 1980 it wuz over 10,000 ft. high, until it blew'd its top off.  SW washington  04/13/08 view of japan en approach to narita inter-national air-port.  this has to be far away from tokyo.    04/14/08  trying to figure out how to flush this hi-tech toilet.  it got so many a button,  but nothing is in english here.
 looks like 1 race-trax b-low us,  en route to landing @ narita.  touch-down @ narita inter-national air-port,  japan    04/14/08 doing a lunch-run with the xiong-mao 02:00 am @ mc donalds,  after finally landing in china
taking a walk in the streets of north pan-yu, after eating a late lunch @ mc donalds  02:00 am in the mourning.  xiong-mao at mc donalds, checking out the hello kitty toys there.   north pan-yu, guang-zhou,  guang-dong, china    04/14/08  standing in front of a scupture at hua-hei gardens on a HOT 85f after-noon.  this is where I'll be staying for the next 26 days or so.  north pan-yu,  china    04/14/08
 standing on bridge of hua-hei gardens.  all this stagnant water is creating a sever "skitoe" problema.  even though I'ma on the 5th floor,  they find thier way there. a laid back scene in front of the park -n- shop store,  north pan-yu.  a buzy street in north pan-yu    04/15/08
sitting in hua-hei gardens, near the luo-xi river,  north pan-yu    04/15/08 all i know,  it says  "no can burn fire-works" here in the guang-zhou area  mc donalds in north pan-yu.  I'll be here almost every-day,  tha's the only place I can find HOT coffee.    04/15/08


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