various guang-zhou pictures  #2   2007

scenes from various parts of guang-zhou, guang-dong, china

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sitting in-side the "white swan hotel", a 5 star hotel in-side shamian, guang-zhou    10/06/07 the cat going piggy back  lifting the cat-cat HIGH in the air, in-side the "white swam hotel"    10/06/07
grand-buy dept store, on bao-gong dadao road.  (some-thing similar format as macy's)  central hai-zhu    09/22/07 in front of the grand-buy store on bao-gang dado road  looks like a theathre, near the grand buy store on the boa-gang dadao road 
having dinner -n- beer (pi-jou) with the cat -n- 2 of her former middle school class-mates dux on the way to becomeing lunch! (wu-fan)  li-wan, guang-zhou    09/30/07     restaraunt near the wen-hua park in li-wan, guang-zhou    09/26/07
 the cat -n- bili enjoying dinner at restaraunt near the wen-hua park, li-wan, guang-zhou    09/26/07  bili, cat-cat, -n- bili's mommy, bili's home    09/17/07  having lunch with bili, at her home in southern hai-zhu    09/16/07
in front of the metro sub-way instructions -n- rules chart.   some-where in central guang-zhou     09/23/07 read item #5 of "the following behaviours that are prohibited" metro sub-way station ticket dispensers.  they have BIG tv for your entertainment,  guang-zhou
looking down on kwang-wang zhong lu, on a very HOT after-noon,  95f in the shade    09/30/07 statue in a alley shopping area, li-wan    09/30/07 darling coffee fort, shamian, guang-zhou  (this is in a tourist area)    09/18/07 


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