various guang-zhou pictures  #1   2007

scenes from various parts of guang-zhou, guang-dong, china

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having dinner with the cat at the "wei dao" restaraunt, liu-hua, guang-zhou    09/19/07 cat's brother -n- his long time friend michelle enjoying dinner at the "wei dao" restaraunt, liu-hua,  guang-zhou, guang-dong,  china    water fountain at the "wei dao" restaraunt
sitting with the cat at the pasta restaraunt, shamian, guang-zhou    09/18/07 sitting with the cat-cat, her mommy, -n- her mommy's friend on left side   having dinner with cat's mommy -n- friends, north-west guang-zhou    09/25/07 
having dinner -n- beer (pi-jou) with the cat -n- 2 of her former middle school class-mates siting in-side a restaraunt in central hai-zhu on a HOT late september nite    10/29/07   having a dim sum lunch with the cat, bili, -n- aunty chan at the hotel land-mark canton  yue-xiu,  guang-zhou    09/30/07
having dinner with the cat in a "hole in a wall" kinda restaraunt, the only view you get is graffitti.  li-wan, guang-zhou    09/30/07  some dilapidated buildings in the li-wan district  more dilapidated buildings in li-wan area, that is falling apart
standing over kwang-wang zhong lu on a pedestrian bridge    09/30/07 the cat in front of a small temple in a park, in the li-wan area having a pasta dinner with the cat -n- bili.   probably the very rare time we'd eat some-thing other then chineze food    09/18/07
looking down on kwang-wang zhong lu, on a very HOT after-noon,  95f in the shade    09/30/07 in-side a guang-zhou city bus.  usually, the fare is 2 rmb's  ($0.28) bus tv .. all the city buses and long haul buses have satellite?  tv in-side, but again,  only in chineze language.    09/28/07 


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