south -n- central hai-zhu, guang-zhou  #2   2007

scenes from various parts of hai-zhu, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china

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standing next to mc donald's bus (gong-gong-qi che) on "jiang-nan xi-lu"    09/18/07 having dinner (wan-fan) with cat -n- michelle in a restaraunt in south-west hai-zhu    09/27/07 cat-cat looking at menu (caidan)    09/14/07
having dinner with cat, her daddy -n- aunty.  west hai-zhu,  guang-zhou,  guang-dong    09/28/07 the cat near her home    09/25/07  bili -n- wah enjoying shopping at the china plaza  (some-where in central guang-zhou) 
standing in front of the "bao-gang dadao"  road,  central hai-zhu    09/18/07 chang-gang zhong lu, a buzy street in central hai-zhu    09/18/07   the view of central hai-zhu from bili's 21st floor apt.  looking towards the north
zhu jiang hospital building,  southern hai-zhu    09/18/05  toilets (ma-tong) for sale (right out on the bao-gang dadao rd).  the roto-rooter man's vehicle -n- tools.  central hai-zhu    09/18/07
bili -n- wah having a good time on the "bao-gang dadao road"  central hai-zhu    09/18/07 an over-sized load of styo-foam on a tri-cycle, gong-ye dadao road. (time to buy a pick-up truck!)  southern hai-zhu, guang-zhou,   guang-dong,  china    09/27/07 standing in front of "petro china" petrol/gasoline station.  prices is quoted per liter.   it runs about 5 rmb's per liter. you do the math!    09/27/07 
eating ice scream (bing ji lin) with the cat, mc donalds in southern hai-zhu    09/22/07 do you see the cat here? cat-cat enjoying the evening in-side mc donalds in southern hai-zhu    09/22/07 
hangin' out at bili's home in southern hai-zhu with mommy -n- her friends    09/15/07 hanging out with the cat at her home in nanzhou ming-yuan    09/25/07 cat at home    10/04/07 


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