cong-hua, guang-dong, china  #2   2007

liu-xi-he' river national forest park, north of cong-hua  has a BIG lake and a monkey island full of monkeys, about 50 miles/80 km's from guang-zhou city

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in front of the liu-xi-he river national forest park sign. cost 30 rmb's ($4.00) admission to enter.   north cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/06/07 in-side liu-xi-he river forest park, north cong-hua, very HOT here today:  93f in the shade! makeing a stone wall in north cong-hua.    10/05/07
 hwy #105 south-bound, headed for cong-hua.  notice that the traffic is very lite here. hwy #105 bridge, next to the liu-xi-he national forest park, north cong-hua chineze boat (xiao chuan) in-side lake of liu-xi-he national forest park.
on monkey island, where there are many a monkey, un-caged -n- wild! a lake at liu-xi-he national park.  (this is probably 50 miles north of guang-zhou city)  lake at liu-xi-he forest park, on a HOT 93f -n- sunny day.  standing on monkey island
monkeys (hou zi) on "monkey island" liu-xi-he national forest park. many a monkey on "monkey island"   lunch-time for a bunch of cats (mao) on "monkey island"
 bi-shui-wan hot springs holiday inn hotel, north cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/06/07 bili at a water-fall in front of the liu-xi-he forest park, even though the day wuz becoming very HOT, she maintained the BIG smile!    10/06/07  some very old houseing, probably looks like 100 years old,  cong-hua,  guang-dong, china    10/06/07 
a public pay dian-wah in cong-hua.  i dunno if it works or now. baby -n- mommy cooling off by the window on a HOT 93f day in cong-hua fruit stand in cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/06/07 


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