cong-hua, guang-dong, china  #1   2007

cong-hua is about 40 miles north of guang-zhou, reachable by about a 1 hour bus ride.  mahalo to "BIG smile bili" to take me out there, which wuz the only time I got to go out-side guang-zhou to see the china country-side.

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looks like a c-ment plant along free-way #105, bound for cong-hua.    10/05/07 speed limit = 120 km/h  minimum for left + middle lane is 100 km/h  can any-body verify this?  120 km/h = 75 mph, 100 km/h = 63 mph.  guang-dong free-way system honda/suzuki/yamaha moter-cycle dealer-ship in cong-hua
litchee fruit plant (kinda grows wild out here in this part of china)  north cong-hua, guang-dong, china the china country-side, north of cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/05/07 lake-side, north cong-hua
bili + friend/daughter in front of mountain lake near the cong hua mountains.  (does any-body know the name of the lake?) lake near the cong hua mountains  (kinda reminds me of the kahili mountain park on kauai)    10/05/07  restaraunt (fan-guan), (notice that htere is NO air conditioning!) north cong-hua
 the mountains (shan), north of cong-hua, along hwy #105 papaya trees growing wild in cong-hua    10/05/07   at a restaraunt with bili -n- her in law's near the bi-shui-wan hot springs, far north of cong-hua,  about 50 miles away from guang-zhou
 "BIG smile bili" at home in cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/05/07 having a early start with dim-sum for break-fast (zao-fan), cong-hua, guang-dong, china  a nite fountain at the bi-shui-wan hot springs, along-side hwy #105.  north cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/05/07 
the streets of cong-hua, guang-dong, china    10/05/07 the court-yard behind bili's home in cong-hua the streets of cong-hua, early in the mourning    10/06/07 


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