tsim sha tsui,  kow-loon,  hong kong   2007

tsim sha tsui, on the east end of kow-loon, hong kong,  by the water-front.  a mahalo to "mimi-san" for taking me all over hong kong to visit the famous places and various shopping mauls.

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standing with mimi-san at the tsim sha tsui water-front, kow-loon, hong kong    10/14/07 standing with mimi-san at the water-front of tsim sha tsui, central hong kong on the other side of the bay having dinner at deli-france in tsim sha tsui, kow-loon, hong kong, china with the cat -n- mimi-san    10/10/07
mim-san enjoying the nite out in tsim  sha tsui water-front    10/14/07 mimi san near-by a BIG pumpkin, tsim sha tsui hangin' out with mimi-san at the tsim sha tsui water-front
 lighted dragon in tsim sha tsui another view of the lighted dragon  mimi-san having good dinner at deli-france.
 t-pot set in a shopping maul in-side tsim sha tsui 1928 model #a ford vintage car   vintage convertible, in a shopping maul at tsim sha tsui
 the water-front during the day-time from tsim sha tsui. central hong kong on the other side is visible with very thick smog. a building that says 2008 some-thing??  in down-town hong kong    10/14/07 a tribute to anita mui (canto-pop star in hong kong, died from cervical cancer in 2004) 
down-town hong kong alit at 8:00 pm nitely from the lazer, search-lite show. electricity has to be cheap in hong kong to be able to do this.  the "2 inter-national finance centre" tower is in the middle, 1362 ft high down-town hong kong with all its brite lites 


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