madame tussaud's   hong kong   2007

 madame tussaud's wax museum of celebrity's, world leaders, famous peoples  at "the peak", hong kong, china   oct 11, 2007

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hanging out with jackie chan in tsim sha tsui    10/11/07  (studio photo shoot) standing with bruce lee, madame tussard's wax museum, the peak, hong kong in between the hong kong twins (studio photo shoot)
the cat-cat with princess diana of england standing next to hong kong movie star  (I dunno his name) cat with michael jackson, tussaud's wax museum    10/11/07
cat standing next to pierce brosnan, james bond the cat with "anita mui" a canto-pop star in hong kong. (she died of cancer in 2004)  standing next to eddie murphy
the cat with the president of china, jintao hu,  just stepping off an aero-plane the cat with michelle yeoh  the cat with "deng li jun", famous taiwaneze singer  (she died from asthma attack in 1995)
standing with adolf hitler, president of germany, luciano pavorotti on the left side with a BIG smile standing with saddam hussein, president of the republic of iraq standing in front of nba basket-ball player yao ming.   obviously,  I am seriously vertically challenged! 
cat-cat with marilyn monroe smart-cat in the line-up standing with elvis a. presley 


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