victoria peak + central  hong kong   2007

 the most populer tourist attraction in hong kong, the victoria peak,  1404/428 metres above "c" level, a great view of the city, -n- the SMOG!  and central hong kong,  down-town hong kong

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panoramic picture of hong kong as view'd from atop "the peak",  attempted to make a panoramic picture, which wusnt the greatest, but you got the idea!

the HIGH building on the left is the "2 inter-national finance tower"  1362 ft/415 metres HIGH.  central hong kong, china    10/11/07 sitting on water fountain sculpture, central hong kong cat-cat sitting on water fountain sculpture, central hong kong 
many HIGH buildings in central hong kong.  the hsbc building is in the middle  (hong kong shang-hai bank) walking around central hong kong ahhh, if only MORE places in the world were like this, there'd be NO SMOG!
some kinda demonstation going on in down-town a real hong-kong-neze sun-set going on.  10/11/07  what we looking at today?  the sun-set at the peak    10/11/07
 hello kitty collection in-side the "peak tower" store(s) a very expensive (fei-chong gui)  ha'agen da'as ice scream:  $51.00 hk  (usa = $6.58)  the sun setting over the peak of hong kong    10/11/07
down-town (central) hong kong at nite down-town hong kong view'd from "the peak"  the "2 inter-national finance centre" tower (1362ft/415 metres HIGH) is as high as we are.  bank of china building at nite    10/11/07   
BIG gear display at the peak tram station standing in front of the colourful crazy piggy (sha zhu) in a shopping maul, in-side the peak area tai wo hau mtr station  (I used this 1 to get all over hong kong)  


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