pearl river nite cruize in guang-zhou   2007

  pearl river (zhu jiang) boat cruize  at nite, between shamian and east guang-zhou.    note:  some pictures were taken from a moveing boat, they will be blurry some-what.

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building across the pearl river showing the characters of the 2008 beijing olympics jiang yie hotel, across the pearl river,  the "white swan" hotel is on the other side. the side of the white swan hotel (a 5-star hotel),  shamian, guang-zhou, china    09/18/07 
enjoying the pearl river boat ride hanging out on the pearl river cruize boat   cat enjoying the boat ride
jim and wife enjoying the ride on the pearl river. many HIGH buildings along the pearl river  building with a strong spot-lite
the family of pan wei -n- ren xuan   colourful nite scene along the pearl river metal framed bridge
building with britely lighted top  every-thing is well lighted on the pearl river cruisin' under many bridges on the pearl river 
interesting building at nite cable suspension bridge  nanfang building of electronics 


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