beijing lu,  yue-xiu,  guang-zhou    2007

beijing lu (road) shopping area,  another crowded open pedestrian maul (kinda remines me of fort st. maul of down-town honolulu)  yue-xiu,  guang-zhou, guang-dong,  china


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near-by beijing lu shopping area,  yue-xiu, guang-zhou,  guang-dong,  china    09/13/07 a HIGH building all lit up brite at nite, beijing lu shopping area.  electricty has to be cheap in china to in order to do this! beijing lu shopping area, with paper lantern hanging from trees 
  cat in the middle of beijing lu (road) on a very crowded week nite.   09/13/07  shops at the beijing lu area,  yue-xiu, guang-zhou,  guang-dong,  china giordano, a populer mid priced clothing store
beijing lu has been existance for over 1000 years, it beenth covered up with different layers though the years  cat standing next to old map diagram of guang-zhou, beijing lu shopping area    09/13/07 standing next to a chineze coca cola booth, looks like they are 1 of the sponsors for the beijing 2008 olympics
cat -n- her brother in a sushi bar,  beijing lu area  only 317 more days until the start of the beijing olympics,  beijing lu shopping area  walking through an alley-way near-by beijing lu area
 1st dinner together,  a little bit down the street from the hotel  food moulded into a shape of a chicken visiting a food exhibition in the beijing lu exhibition area
mimi-san, -n- mommy with cat in the middle haveing dinner with mimi-san, her mommy -n- cat, near-by beijing lu mimi-san with mommy, at the beijing lu food exhibition    09/29/07


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