tian-he', guang-zhou   2007

tian-he' has the citic plaza tower,  80 storeys, 1283 ft/391 metres HIGH, at 1 time before 1997, the HIGEST building of all asia.  this is on the east side of guang-zhou, going-dong, china 

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at the east guang-zhou train station, behind it the very HIGH citic plaza tower,  1283ft/391 metres HIGH   east guang-zhou train station, this is where you can go back to kow-loon, hong kong    09/26/07 the citic plaza and another HIGH building next to in under construction
 standing next to dong-zhan square  dong-zhan park, in front of the citic plaza side view of the tian-he' man-made water-fall.  electricity must be cheap in china in order to do this
"BIG smile bili" standing in front of the tian-he' water-fall, this is MORE water then the multnomah falls in oregon buildings across the street from the dong-zhan park,  tian-he',  guang-zhou,  guang-dong,  china standing in front of the citic plaza tower, at once before 1997, it wuz the HIGHEST building in all asia
 right in front of the citic plaza tower, looking straight up at 1283 ft/ 391 metres standing in front of a "ikea" furniture store in tian-he' on a very HOT 93f day.  citic plaza at dusk,  it wuz still extremely HOT when this picture wuz taken
the cat waiting patiently for the train to hong kong    10/09/07 east guang-zhou rail-way station schedule + rules  in-side a semi-HIGH speed train, it goes from east guang-zhou station to kow-loon, hong kong, reaching speeds of 100mph occasionally


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