wen-hua  park, guang-zhou   2007

wen-hua park, during the mid-autumn festival, sept 25, 2007  lighted lanterns fill the park. li-wan, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china 

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entrance to the wen-hua park, celebrateing mid autumn festival with lanterns through-out the park.   description of the mid autumn festival.   wen-hua park, li-wan, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china    09/25/07 traditional chineze costumed characters lantern
standing with cat at the wen-hua park  flower lanterns at wen-hua park cat behind a pedi-cab lantern
a hoarse (ma), traditional chineze scene lanterns traditional chineze scene lanterns  traditional chineze scene lanterns
cat at the wen-hua park, with all the lanterns for mid autumn festival (right after the fall equinox)  09/25/07 standing next to cat in front of a ancient china scene lantern display  BIG pink elephant
standing next to "piggy blowin' a horn lantern" a puppy (gou) running  fishy (yu) lanterns, wen-hua park 
piggy (zhu) band lantern standing in front a family of piggy's on a very hot -n- humid 85f nite. cat's mommy standing in front of the BIG rooster (ji)    09/25/07


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