yue-xiu park, guang-zhou  #1   2007

yue-xiu park,  is a BIG historical park in the guang-zhou city.  this page covers the greenery, sun yat sen monument.  yue-xiu, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china 

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directory map of the yue-xiu park, yue-xiu, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china    09/28/07 standing in front of main entrance of the yue-xiu park. standing in front of water-fall at yue-xiu park.  of course it wuz another HOT 92f -n- HUMID day!
bili sitting down in-side the in-door garden.  water-fall in the park old style concrete bridge
standing in front of a bunch of concrete goats in a garden.  (they not have to be fed or watered!) cantoneze opera orchestra playing music in the park, it does get LOUD!    the rest-room(s) in the yue-xiu park has the "best toilet award"  why?  it doesnt even have a sit-down toilet in-side
scenic yue-xiu park  ladies at the yue-xiu park danceing the chineze hula.  "BIG smile bili" standing in flower garden of the park.
taking a walk in yue-xiu park. standing in front of the famous 5-goat statue.  there is a legend about it in the guang-zhou history.  standing on walk-way to the sun yat sen monument on the hill. 
 sitting with bili, her mommy -n- friends, it wuz HOT 92f, needed to take a break. close view of the dr. sun yat sen monument,  made in 1929, it is 37 metres HIGH.   09/28/07  bili standing in front ofthe sun yat sen monument. 
at the bottom of the sun yat sen monument looking straight up.    09/28/07 dr.  sun yat sen monument description standing next to directional sign at yue-xiu park 


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