wedding in guang-zhou   2007

 wedding of pan wei -n- ren xuan in guang-zhou restaraunt sept 16, 2007 in dong-shan, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china

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standing with cat, the bride: pan wei, groom: ren xuan, alan on left of picture.   guang-zhou restaraunt, dong-shan, guang-zhou    09/16/07  standing with cat, bride -n- groom enjoying a real chineze wedding with the cat. 
 cat enjoying the wedding standing with cat -n- rest of wedding party    09/16/07  the wedding reception of pan wei -n- ren xuan at guang-zhou restaraunt, dong-shan
 chineze wedding reception chineze wedding reception  cat working the recieving table for the wedding
the family of pan wei -n- ren xuan  the family of pan wei -n- ren xuan   peach coloured rose
playing some music for the wedding.  in-side a little restaraunt before the wedding  sitting in a little restaraunt, trying to cool off, it wuz 95f out-side 


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