xia-jiu lu, li-wan, guang-zhou   2007

xia-jiu lu is a very buzy shopping area, on a pedestrian only street, closed off to cars, in the li-wan area of guang-zhou.

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 on the BIG screen: beijing summer olympics comeing on up in 2008, xia jiu, li-wan, guang-zhou, guang-dong, china    09/11/07  very colourful signs in the xia-jiu lu (road)  shopping area xia-jiu lu shopping area at nite,  very crowded! 
 cruisin' around xia-jiu lu shopping area walking around xia-jiu with the cat 09/11/07 colourful over-head signs on xia-jiu lu.   electricity in china is cheaper then the usa, obviously!
standing with the cat, aunty wang -n- her daughter in the tao-tao restaraunt    09/11/07  the gang at the tao-tao restaraunt for some dim sum.  aunty wang has the honour of introduceing me to the cat! standing next to statue, xia-jiu lu, li-wan.   another warm nite here, probably 85f in the shade!
standing next to the chicken man, (ji ren) makeing a lotta' noizez with his bugle.  hanging out with cat's daddy -n- haveing a few beers in a bar by xia-jiu lu    09/20/07 the BIG cat -n- the small cat (DA mao -n- xiao mao) in that bar.
standing in middle of xia-jiu lu shopping area in front a BIG can of herbal t.    09/24/07  this appears to be a BIG medicine bottle, xia jiu lu  in-side li-wan shopping plaza, it has many levels of shopping, restaraunts    09/20/07 


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