luohu, shen-zhen, china    2007

going into main-land china through luohu, shen-zhen

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the cat enjoying the train ride from mong-kok to lo wu on the kcr rail-way.    09/09/07 in-side a kcr train on the way to the hong kong/china border the border between luohu, shen-zhen, china and lo wu, hong kong (the side of river with the barb'd wire) 
  the cat on the walk-way between hong kong -n- china  standing in the city of luohu, after crossing the hong kong/china border.   about 95f -n- HUMID!! standing in front of the luohu, shen-zhen border building (this is the way in/out of hong kong)
the border building (china -n- hong kong) luohu, shen-zhen, china  HIGH buildings of luohu, shen-zhen, china    09/09/07  the cat on the phone, in front of some of the shops in luohu border area.
cat -n- guan xiang lin looking at some pictures in a coffee shop   standing in luohu, shen-zhen, china  09/09/07 enjoying ICE coffee on a HOT 95f day in-side shen-zhen 


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