mong-kok, kow-loon, hong kong    2007

the 1st 2 nites in mong-kok, kow-loon, hong kong, china SAR.  this is where I meet the "cat",  miao-xian liu for the 1st time.

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finally arrived ALIVE at the "chep lap kok" hong kong inter-national air-port after a long -n- grueling 17 hour flite     09/07/07 in-side the hong kong inter-national air-port, standing in front of the flite information screen. the metro-park hotel kow-loon.  stay'd here for 2 nites. 
  standing on water-loo road, near entrance to the metro-park hotel.  standing at intersection of water-loo -n- pui ching rd on a very HOT 85f -n- humid day magnificent view from my 14th floor hotel window.  mong-kok, kow-loon, hong kong, china  SAR
 on roof-top swimming pool, 19th floor of metro-park hotel.  notice the interesting building behind.  kam yuen hotel, they charge by the hour.   nice to catch a quick nap!  mong-kok, kow-loon at nite.  notice the bamboo they use for scaffolding.
cracked seed candy store   me -n- the cat, our 1st picture together, in-side the metro-park hotel room.   09/08/07  sitting with the cat in the metro-park hotel room.
 1st dinner together,  a little bit down the street from the hotel  hanging out with the cat in the metro-park hotel lobby standing next to the cat in the hotel lobby next to a couple planters.


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