110 minutes in japan    2007

60 days out of oregon,  1st headed for a stop in narita inter-national air-port,  for 110 minutes, then takeing another flite to  hong kong.  "world tour 2007"

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 at the portland inter-national air-port, headed for japan.  this would be the last time I see oregon for 60 days.    09/06/07  tracking the aero-plane from pdx to nrt. the 2 in-sets shows the temperature out-side -n- speed in relation to the ground the 1st sighting of land in japan  09/07/07 
 welcome to japan, in-side of narita inter-national air-port, after being in the aero-plane for 11 hours. standing next to a directory   standing next to a japaneze vending machine.
 in-side narita inter-national air-port, tokyo, japan moveing side-walks in-side narita inter-national air-port in front of a japaneze souvenier shop.
only in japan for LESS then 2 hours!   mc donalds in-side narita inter-national air-port  looking for my next flite to hong kong.  (look for ana flite #911)
 the sun setting out-side japan, behind the nwa 747 aero-plane ana (all nippon air-ways) out-side in the twilite of tokyo,  japan  waiting for the next flite to hong kong


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