vancouver b.c. canada   2007

scenes from vancouver b.c. canada    july 02, 2007

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panoramic picture of vancouver b.c. canada from cypress mountain look-out .. about 1000 ft. elevation  07/02/07

gran-ville ave. south, in richmond b.c.  heading towards down-town vancouver going down gran-ville st. towards down-town vancouver b.c.   passing through down-town vancouver b.c. canada  07/02/07
 the lions gate bridge from stanley park to north vancouver b.c.   made in 1938 north-bound on lions gate bridge. vancouver b.c. on lions gate bridge, makeing descent into north vancouver b.c.
 in-side of royal park mall, north-west vancouver b.c.  07/02/07 lunch-time at the food court in the royal park mall, north-west vancouver b.c. chicken garden saled -n- lemonade water for lunch.
sitting down on the cypress mountain look-out, with the city of vancouver b.c. in the back-ground.   07/02/07 another view of lions gate bridge and down-town vancouver from atop cypress mountain look-out  standing next to out-house at the cypress mountain look-out  north-west vancouver b.c.
trans-canada hwy #1 east-bound by north vancouver.  very steep decline:  8.0% grade  south-bound on pacific hwy, hwy #15 headed back towards the usa.  clover-dale  b.c. canada    07/02/07  the canadian border at blaine, wa (on the canada side)  


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