richmond, s.w. vancouver  b.c.   2007

richmond, south-west vancouver b.c. canada    july 01, 2007

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 standing in front of the petro-canada gas station in s.w. vancouver b.c  $1.13 a liter.  usually there is 3.78 liters to 1 gallon quality inn air-port in s.w. vancouver b.c.  stay'd there for 2 nites.  actually, it is about 4 miles from air-port   07/01/07  the GQ restaraunt, chineze food in s.w. vancouver.  it is across the street, diagonally from the hotel 
view out-side the hotel room window on the 6th floor, looking south of vancouver b.c.  canada    07/01/07 view out-side the hotel room window, looking south-west of vancouver b.c.    view out-side the hotel room window, looking west of vancouver b.c.
 speed limit 40 km/h = 25 mph.  gotta' think metric when you outta' the usa.  across the entrance to wreck beach, s. w. vancouver b.c.  at the entrance to the world's famous "wreck beach" in s. w. vacouver b.c. canada.  its a long walk down to the beach. standing next to frasier river monument, near the wreck beach area.  07/01/07
   fender bender involveing a BIG bus -n- a tiny little car on marine dr.  these things DO happen in canada also   at a look-out point along marine drive, on the south end of wreck beach  s. w. vancouver b.c. a brite pink rose, along marine dr. at the frasier monument area.
apartment buildings on westminster hwy.  richmond b.c.  richmond centre shopping maul, in down-town richmond b.c.   73f/22.8c, warm -n- humid this day.   the mountains behind vancouver b.c. still has a little bit of *snow* on it, even this time of year.    07/01/07


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